Work between humans on useful and pertinent projects, while preserving one’s well-being and enthusiasm.

We are driven by this maxim which turned concrete when creating a worker cooperativescopyleft — based on these values: honesty, courage, respect, sharing and well-being.

After six years working together, we consider ourselves as a collective of individuals aiming to work together when it’s pertinent. During the past years we have:

We explore the lean culture and agile methods (complex system adapting, continuous change), we are familiar with Python and JavaScript languages, we appreciate tools such as Roll, Stimulus and Redis. We share knowledge though trainings, conferences and informal events.

We are a laboratory for benign experiences. We want to build useful applications accompanying you in your reflections and in your project creation. We can collaborate throughout the three steps of your product:

Our rate is still in reflection and adapting. We target a fair trade for both sides et we do welcome discussions about it.

Would you like to talk about all that? Maybe we can even meet – wherever you are.

Audrey, David, Emma, Juliette, Sarah, Vincent et Violaine.