Scopyleft is a laboratory allowing us to test a stimulating shared future. For the last 10 years, we have been weaving a story with several hands, which give meaning to our actions. We all are co-managers of a cooperative that enjoys healthy non-subordinate relationships, problems-solving through agreed discussion and trust among members.

We help teams to become more autonomous, we co-develop minimalist and open-source products, always keeping users and their needs in mind. We respect each other’s energies and do our best to create enthusiastic contexts in order to enable new synergies to emerge. We prefer swarming to growing, to keep a size allowing space and time to each member of the cooperative.

We enjoy meeting new people and groups attracted by horizontality, transition, commons and crêpes.

We aspire to contribute to a different world. With you?

After ten years of activity, we consider ourselves as a group of individuals willing to work together when it makes sense. During those last years we have:

We are a laboratory of insightful experiments. Our aim is to design useful applications, helping you to think them through and build them further. We can work with you at all three stages of your product development:

Our rate is still being reviewed and adapted. Our aim is to target a fair interchange for both sides and we are ready to discuss the topic with you.

Would you like to talk about all that? Maybe we can even meet – wherever you are.

Audrey, David, Emma, Juliette, Sarah, Vincent and Violaine.