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Blank Disrupt or how to make things different

Take a minute to think of "What is a chair?". Most people have concepts like "a place to sit", "a furniture around a table", "an artwork", … What if you think of it as "an item to lift your bottom off the floor"? Don't you feel like you could open up to a whole new way to think and design? That's actually what does happen.

End of March the Blank Disrupt conference took place in Catania (Sicilia). Each topic was somehow about disruptive innovation. The idea was to bring new ways to think of how to deal with your daily life and work in a totally different way. An innovative disrupted way.

All about people

It was all about ideas, projects and on top of all, people.

Jacopo Romei was talking about flat collaborative enterprises and "Liquid organisations". He's a member of the value driven innovation Cocoon Project. He also make us discover his acapella band We will see him again at his "From TDD to kanban" session next thursday.

Ralph Weickel mentioned all those best tips to open up actively to disruptive changes like drawing while you talk, read biography of people you'd never read, run "what if…" sessions.

Salvatore Di Dio - from Push - presented Traffic O2 to improve urban sustainability.

Claudia and Vincenzo Di Maria were introducing "Design for the real world". They told us about the Impact Hub network, ideas like welcoming Digital Nomads and the inspired the intro above.

We were invited to read more about Victor Papanek, listen to Kings of Convenience, discover the Change Makers Project. We left with a bunch of ideas and human exchanges.

We were so excited to meet that community that we set a homepage in Italian.